Physical Theatre Workshops 

open Physical theatre workshops

Whether you are an experienced performer, mental health professional or simply curious about personal self expression our inclusive open workshops are an opportunity to explore personal story and the holistic benefits of connecting to the body, movement and improvisation.

What is Physical Theatre?

Physical Theatre may sound quite abstract to newcomers, but it is essentially a type of performance where physical movement is the primary method of storytelling, or more so than the spoken dialogue in a play and lyrics in a song. It often incorporates other techniques like gesture, mime and modern dance to create performance.

Tailor made workshops

Mental Health Organisations

What we can offer:

  • Workshops to service users in devising theatre from personal story, which also integrates accessible skills to support self-regulation.

  • Training for staff in body based skills to support self-regulation which can be integrated into their creative work with service users. 

What participants say about out workshops:

‘It was a wonderful workshop in a safe and friendly environment’


‘I felt I unlocked a small part of me that had been imprisoned for decades. Brilliantly done!’

Upcoming workshops
Oct 2-3
Love & Loss (face to face)


Venue: The Artworks London Bridge, 60A Weston St, SE1 3QP

Cost: £140 (£100 student/unwaged)

A weekend workshop exploring creative and embodied ways of sharing experiences of love and loss through body-based work, performance and storytelling. In 2017 we premiered Total Eclipse, a performance that we produced following the deaths of our mothers. The show uncovers the depth of emotions that can be felt during the grieving process and also at times of significant change and transition.  


It’s been a challenging 2 years for many of us involving significant change, transition and loss. 


This workshop is an opportunity to explore how you can use Moving Pieces' integrated approach to reveal, share and help manage these experiences, building skills in a sensitive, relaxed and perhaps surprisingly uplifting weekend.

How to book: Email for further info and to book a place

Taster workshop online - stories from the body

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: The Artworks London Bridge, 60A Weston St, SE1 3QP

Cost: £25 / £20 (concessionary rate) 

This two hour workshop will offer you an opportunity to explore the main components of our unique integrated approach to theatre-making and mental health. You will have a taster of a range of techniques - from movement, storytelling and improvisation - to help you explore the dynamics of personal creativity; the expression of our aliveness and at times what gets in the way of this. 


As Moving Pieces is informed by body psychotherapy and how movement can help regulate the nervous system, you will also have a taster of body-based skills to support in the moment awareness, grounding and protection against stress.

How to book: Email for further info and to book a place

stories from the body
An 8 week evening course – discover your potent self! A dynamic and playful exploration of stories that emerge from connecting to the body and the more hidden and conflicting aspects of ourselves.

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: The Artworks London Bridge, 60A Weston St, SE1 3QP

Cost: £200 (concessionary rates and instalment plans available)

What you will gain over the course of the programme:

- The ability to develop a story through creating and embodying a mask, exploring movement, voice work and improvisation*

- New theatre making skills and devising that begin with connecting to the body

- Confidence in using body-based skills, including the Feldenkrais method, to reduce stress and build emotional resilience

- An understanding of how embodiment and creativity can protect and help maintain good mental and physical health - An opportunity to share a creative presentation personal to you, based on material and learning that surfaces throughout the workshop series


*Each participant will receive a simple list and links to materials needed for creating a mask and other arts based activities