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Total Eclipse

directed by Jonathan Young (two times finalist Total Theatre Awards)

Lily and Paco's relationship is in crisis after having both lost their mothers in the same year. They arrive to the top of a mountain in anticipation of a total lunar eclipse. For Lily, the eclipse signals that the spirit of her mother is about to step forward from the Moon to say goodbye to her while Paco just wants to relax, enjoy a picnic and take a few pictures. At the moment of the eclipse it gets darker than it has ever been before. A moment of darkness that pulls at the boundaries of their understanding of life and their relationship.


'From tear-jerking sadness to belly laugh absurdity, this is an uplifting piece of theatre that seeks to reintroduce us to our heart’s desire: connection.' Broadway Baby, Brighton Fringe

'A truly captivating combination of eccentricity, comedy and raw emotion' Independent Reading, Reading Fringe

a conversation about grief

Grief can be an isolating experience. It tests your sense of self and mental health. We created Total Eclipse as a way of bringing communities together around this theme through the shared experience of live interactive theatre. We aim to open honest conversations around death, building empathy, understanding and challenging some of the rules that can stop us fully engaging with the process of grief. 

Accompanying post-show discussions and participatory creative workshops are available to generate conversation and discussion about grief, a topic often misunderstood or considered taboo.

'Poignant moments punctuate this powerful play and really make you realise that you are not alone’ Independent Reading, Reading Fringe

'Emotions that would normally remain unseen are laid bare for all to see.' Broadway Baby, Brighton Fringe


'Having been through this myself I could appreciate what was being expressed - and how it affects us all in different ways. I enjoyed the ability of the performers to convey their experience of grief‘ Wendy Matthews, Artistic Director, Bath Fringe


‘Although the play tackles some serious issues such as grief it does this in a way that is thoughtful and very entertaining. It generated a lot of discussion amongst our members.’

William Everett, Deputy Manager, Pritchard's Road Day Centre London


'Loved laughing out loud and I found the piece poignant, so a lovely mix.’ Carol Thompson, Nose to Nose, Etcetera Theatre


'Extraordinary, wonderful ,brilliant, funny, clever, deep ,beautiful and touching.' Toni, 

Brighton Fringe


‘I want to tell you how incredibly moved I was by your show - it's depth, vibrancy and humour. It was so funny, and so poignant.' Dvora, Etcetera Theatre


‘I don’t think I have ever cried and laughed at the same time before! I discovered such a 

powerful and meaningful piece. Thank you for this gift!’ Asako, London Clown Festival


'It made me laugh and it made me cry' Andy Christie, Etcetera Theatre