lily & paco's cafe

Covid, Another moment of darkness... reflection and change

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we considered how to creatively explore the emotional challenges we all now face. Using Zoom, we created a series of improvisations with the characters from our theatre show Total Eclipse, Paco & Lily, exploring their experiences of social isolation. 

For Lily & Paco the COVID-19 crisis is a moment of darkness with a clear resonance to the grief and loss of a loved one which they explored in Total Eclipse in 2016. Right after the lockdown announcement, Paco hid in the basement with lots of food and supplies. He obsessively watched the news convinced that this could be the end of the world. Meanwhile Lilymoved to a cottage in Wales, attempting to stay oblivious to the crisis, retreating into relationships with local wildlife and growing vegetables.

On December 4th Paco and Lily will share their experience of lockdown and the current crisis as well as inviting the audience to share their experience with each other. More details to follow soon...