My first blog! – Sharing the in between.

Now is the time to blog – to share personal experience that surrounds the work that I offer, my thoughts, reflections, insights, visions and disappointments. I have a strong desire to make the invisible experience of what we grapple with in the spaces in between offering or sharing work more visible….. how it grows the work, continually informs it and at times gets in the way. It’s probably where the story really is……

I wanted to start with the experience of creating our first performance piece Total Eclipse.

In March of 2014 my mother died very soon after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

She was a tremendously robust person in many ways; a pioneer, very funny and a close friend who I deeply loved, respected and continue to miss every day. In December of 2014, my colleague and close friend Jose also lost his mother very suddenly. Both of us having gazed at each other in disbelief for some time made a decision to try to make sense of our loss through our artistry and the vehicle of Moving Pieces, an approach we have grown together over a number of years now.

Jose and I originally met on a Clown Through Mask training run by Jonathan Young. Since then we have met regularly to explore and develop Moving Pieces. I really treasure the trust and friendship that has grown between the three of us over the years. Jonathan was the obvious choice to direct and help us to find a narrative that could in some way reveal what has been evoked primarily through the experience of losing our mothers. The story of a Total Eclipse.

Why the red nose ? It’s a meeting point artistically for us as a team and a way of trying to meet as honestly, comically and as full sized as possible what has happened to us and what we are left with………

So this is just the beginning of what has been an incredibly challenging, beautiful, comical and sorrowful process.

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