Self-Care courses for Mental Health professionals & ARTS PRACTITIONERS


Secondary trauma within a therapeutic relationship often occurs as a result of unconscious transmission of traumatic experience via body-to-body resonance between therapist or arts practitioner and client. More recent research indicates that empathy is not only a psychological phenomenon but a highly integrated process involving both cognitive and somatic processes.

Charlie has offered experiential seminars on body-based strategies to lower the risk of secondary trauma at Confer, Reading University, Clean Break, Family Futures, Theodora Children's Charity, Grief Encounter, Metro Charity and the Centre For Counselling & Psychotherapy Education.

All sessions currently take place via Zoom.

What participants say about our seminars:

‘The seminar was fascinating and rejuvenating. The theoretical part lead well in to the experiential exercises and provided an excellent framework for working with the effects of secondary trauma.’


‘Triumph! I came away buzzing with ideas of how this could be used not only in my practice but wider context.’

Upcoming courses
Resuming in autumn

This is an offer to mental health professionals and arts practitioners continuing to offer support to vulnerable people and organisations at this time. It will be an opportunity to think through and prioritise effective strategies in terms of supporting others, learn specific body based skills to support self-regulation, resourcing and strategies to lower the risk of secondary trauma.


Email for info about date of the next session and to book a place.

Body based strategies to support self - regulation and resourcing for mental health and arts practitioners

Resuming in autumn

The seminar offers a professional development and skill-building opportunity to enable mental healthcare staff to reduce the risk of secondary trauma, the symptoms of which are often similar to 'burnout'. The seminar is part theoretical with an emphasis on experiential learning. The theoretical aspect includes the psycho education of mechanisms involved in secondary trauma, based on insights from recent neuroscience, body psychotherapy, yoga therapy and the Feldenkrais Method.

Each participant will receive a toolkit of body-based strategies to support an ongoing practice to protect wellbeing and boost resilience.



Seminar - Body Based Strategies to Lower the Risk of Secondary Trauma for Mental Health and Arts Practitioners

Charlie will be offering 1: 1 sessions based on a new integrated approach to personal development, which reflects her experience and training in somatic movement education, psychotherapy and body based approaches to managing mental health challenges.

The sessions will be a combination of thinking together, hands on work and other specific movement practices identified as helpful resources to facilitate learning between sessions.

These sessions will be of interest to those curious about learning embodied and movement based ways to help recover and progress overall health.​

Email for further info and to book a session.

Individual Sessions - ‘Moving On’ - new from september

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