Personal Development

MOVING ON SESSIONS (online and face to face)

Online: Via Zoom

Venue: The Artworks London Bridge, 60A Weston St, SE1 3QP

Cost: £70 per hour session

Moving On sessions are a brand new offer from Moving Pieces. Charlie will be offering 1:1 sessions based on a new integrated approach to personal development, which reflects her experience and training in somatic movement education, psychotherapy and body based approaches to managing mental health.

The sessions will be a combination of thinking together, being guided through a movement sequence based on the Feldenkrais Method and other specific movement practices, as well as additional resources to facilitate learning between sessions.


In person sessions can also potentially include hands on Functional Integration work based on the Feldenkrais Method.


These sessions will be of interest to those looking to explore embodied and movement based ways to help recover and progress overall health. They are ideal for people who may be experiencing anxiety, stress, feeling stuck in their lives and also feeling that this is impacting on their health. They will be of particular interest to people curious about how including working with the body and movement as well as talking can help to facilitate change, healing and personal development.​ In a culture obsessed with busyness and activity, they offer an opportunity to stop and spend time on yourself, addressing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of the sessions 


  • Opportunity to explore the body/mind relationship – how our emotional states, ways of thinking are reflected through our physicality and movement.

  • Opportunity to notice and recognise how mental health challenges create an imbalance in the nervous system.

  • Learn simple body based skills to support self-regulation and ways to bring the nervous system back into balance, which can be integrated into a regular practice.

  • Understand and unlock stuck patterns associated with persistent low mood, anxiety or an inability to make changes in your life.

  • Explore through movement, ways to notice and interrupt habits, bringing more options into your thinking and response to emotional challenge and stress management.

  • Find ways to be more present and listen more deeply to what your needs are.


What to expect from a session

The session will be for 60 mins.

We will start by talking together about what your interests and concerns are. It is useful to share information about any injuries that you have or recent surgery also any mental health challenges that you may be experiencing or other areas that you would just like to improve on.


Charlie will then suggest a combination of hands on work or guidance through a movement sequence, which supports curiosity and noticing of the habits that you have and how to bring more variation and ease into your movement.  It is often the case that exploring new possibilities on a movement level also affects changes in thinking and feeling. Other movement skills may also be suggested particularly in relation to being more grounded, centred and flexible as ways to support rebalancing the nervous system.


There will be an opportunity at the end of a session to discuss what you are finding helpful in terms of supporting your health on an emotional, mental and physical level and to think with Charlie about ongoing resources from the session that may be useful.

Click here to read FAQs about personal development sessions

How to book: Email for expression of interest